TBWGTransportation Border Working Group (US and Canada)
TBWGTampa Bay Wholesale Growers (Florida)
TBWGTest Blanket Working Group (est. 1995)
TBWGTraverse Bay Watershed Greens (Michigan)
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FHWA spearheaded a TBWG effort to create a Northern Border Noteworthy Practices Reference Guide, a Web-based compilation of best practices for facilitating the movement of goods and people across the border.
Also through the TBWG, Transport Canada, together with Provincial and interested State partners, is pursuing a national roadside survey of heavy truck data.
A partnership that complements the work of the JWC and TBWG is the Border Technology Exchange Program (BTEP), which FHWA initiated to provide opportunities for sharing information and technology among the U.
Canada TBWG, FHWA and Transport Canada are spearheading a Border Flow Information Architecture initiative to support the deployment of interoperable technologies.
Canada TBWG, government agencies and other partners are cooperating on binational transportation issues, evaluating current and future demands, and sharing the latest technologies.