TC-AIMSTransportation Coordinators' Automated Information for Movement System (US Army PEO STAMIS System)
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In November 2009, LSS personnel completed the software upgrades to TC-AIMS II and, in late December 2009, the new system was fielded.
The Army has managed the TC-AIMS II program in accordance with some, but not all, key aspects of DOD's system acquisition management policies and related guidance.
Navy is using TC-AIMS II to deploy troops and equipment in support of the war on terrorism in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF).
The 329th MCT quickly transitioned to focusing solely on using TC-AIMS II to write and read radio frequency identification tags for 403rd ICTC vehicles convoying as part of a logistics package.
Table 1: STAMIS functional area and MOS mapping System Functional Area MOS AIT Unit Inventory Management 92Y BCS3 Logistics Tracking/Reporting 92A, Any CAISI Wireless LAN extension 25B MC4 Medical Records Management/Class VIII 68G, 25B MROCS Warehouse Inventory Management 25B, 92A MTS Logistics/Movement Tracking 92A, Any PBUSE Supply Ordering/Class II 92Y SAAS-MOD Ammunition Supply/Tracking/Class V 89A SAMS-E Maintenance Management/Class IX 92A SARSS1 Materiel Requisition Hub 92A TC-AIMS II Transportation 88N VSAT Point of Presence 25B
In addition, hands-on training of TC-AIMS II allowed units to begin the development of their operational equipment list and ensured their TC-AIMS equipment was functional.
Under the supervision of the 49th Movement Control Battalion, the MCT used the Transportation Coordinators' Automated Information Movement System (TC-AIMS) to coordinate critical transportation support using host-nation and contractor trucks and short takeoff and landing aircraft.
USAREUR continuously provides resources to improve the quality and dependability of the various AIT systems, including the Defense Transportation Reporting and Control System (DTRACS), Transportation Coordinators' Automated Information for Movement System (TC-AIMS), and Vistar satellite tracking system.
In the interim, the joint deployment process is supported by Transportation Coordinators'-Automated Information for Movement System II (TC-AIMS II).