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On the sowing day, the minicuttings of the three clones (TC3, TC9 and TC15) were prepared with 5 cm of height, average diameter of 3.6 mm and a pair of leaves reduced in 50% to their leaf area.
There was no difference between the clones (TC3, TC9 and TC15) and the seedlings for the hydraulic conductivity of the root ([k.sub.root] by the dry mass of the root system (Figure 2a), the volume of the root system (Figure 2b), the volume of thin roots ([empty set] 0 - 2mm) (Figure 2c), the root surface area (Figure 2d), thin root surface area ([empty set] 0 - 2mm) (Figure 2e) and non-normalized (Figure 2f).
In this current study, the results demonstrate that, although the net photosynthetic rates of the clone were inferior to the ones presented by the seedlings, the TC3 and TC9 clones were similar to the seedlings for leaf area, stem diameter, root length, root volume, root dry mass and root surface area (Table 2).
The genotypes that exhibited higher iWUE were the TC9 and TC15 clones.
This result contrasted with the TC9 clone which, besides the reduced value of A and E, presented a higher iWUE among the genetic materials studied (Table 1 and 4).
Although the clones presented low transpiration and net photosynthetic rate they were generally more efficient in water use, and the TC3 and TC9 clones were more efficient to convert the assimilated carbon to biomass.
It is observed that other opinions of SCTC about this matter are, at most, grouped under the codes of "To be appointed and to enter this profession right away" and "To be successful teacher." Opinions of some teacher candidates are as follows: "I want to be appointed after graduation right away ..." (TC35), "To be appointed and enter this profession right away" (TC1), "Of course, to be appointed as a teacher immediately following graduation " (TC9) / "to be well-educated and successful teacher" (TC15), "to be successful social studies teacher" (TC20), "I expect to be good educator and teacher after graduation " (TC18).
The ASHRAE TC 9.9 white paper on the extended range (ASHRAE TC9.9, 2008)) discusses these types of excursions in detail.
Finally in 1997 a special subcommittee was created by ASHRAE through its technical committee TC9.8 headed by William Rose et al.
The project team debated whether ASHRAE TC9.9 recommended environmental conditions (ASHRAE 2004) could be used as a design basis for the facility since some of the supercomputers on the market required more stringent conditions.
In addition, there is stepped up activity related to data centers in the ASHRAE TC9.9 committee, as well as by the Uptime Institute.
After the lecture, the forum is open to the audience to discuss new and outstanding issues relating to high-density cooling and to identify potential future research areas for ASHRAE Technical Committee TC9.9, Mission Critical Facilities, Technology Spaces and Electronic Equipment.