TCAAPTwin Cities Army Ammunition Plant
TCAAPTown Centre Action Area Plan (various municipalities)
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Early winter deer densities within TCAAP were estimated by standard helicopter counts tot 1993, 1994 and 1995 to be 17.4, 23.9 and 11.4 deer/[km.sup.2], respectively.
1996; 2) presence of herbaceous plants above snow line; and 3) representative of the types of habitats available to deer throughout TCAAP. All three sample areas were >1 km from each other, the minimum distance sufficient to assume the sample areas were in distinct deer home ranges based on data from female white-tailed deer in a suburban matrix near the TCAAP from 1996-1999 (Grund et al., 2002), i.e., the sample areas can be considered independent replicates.
Because of time limitations, an adequate quantitative assessment of woody browse use and availability within TCAAP was not possible.
Food limitation for deer at TCAAP has been observed periodically throughout the 1950s-1980s as a result of overbrowsing by an overabundant deer herd (Baggot et al., 1988).
Acknowledgments.--We thank Ed Cushing for his help with herbaceous plant identification and TCAAP staff for providing access.
A TCAap e TCRap, e a TCAdc e TCRdc foram determinadas de acordo com metodologia descrita por Benincasa (2003).
Com base no teste F (Tabela 3) verificase que houve efeito significativo do fator salinidade da agua de irrigacao sobre a taxa de crescimento absoluto (TCAap) e relativo da altura de plantas (TCRap), taxa de crescimento absoluto (TCAdc) e relativo do diametro do caule (TCRdc) no intervalo de 25 a 130 DAE, enquanto que no periodo de 130 a 190 DAE nao ocorreu efeito significativo da salinidade sobre estas variaveis.
O aumento da salinidade na agua de irrigacao exerceu efeito linear decrescente sobre a TCAap no intervalo de 25 a 130 DAE, com reducao de 4,52% por aumento unitario na CEa, (Figura 5A).
(2014), onde verificaram em mudas de cajueiro, reducao linear na TCAap de 4,4% por aumento unitario na CEa de irrigacao, avaliando os niveis de CEa entre 0,5 a 12,5 dS [m.sup.-1] dos 10 aos 70 dias apos a emergencia.
Resumo da analise de variancia para taxa de crescimento absoluto (TCAap) e relativo da altura de planta (TCRap) e taxa de crescimento absoluto (TCAdc) e relativo do diametro do caule (TCRdc) de portaenxerto de goiabeira cv.