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TCAMTernary Content Addressable Memory
TCAMTotal Cost of Assembly and Maintenance
TCAMTelecommunications Access Method
TCAMTelecommunication Conformity Assessment and Market Surveillance Committee
TCAMTammis Customer Assistance Module
TCAMThreat Condition Alerting Message
TCAMTarrant County Association of Mediators (Fort Worth, TX)
TCAMTraffic Control and Monitoring
TCAMTrainee Customer Accounts Manager
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There has been much research on power consumption of TCAM [4][7-9].
MRI Software said TCAM's asset management and advisory services are a natural extension of MRI's comprehensive investment and property management software and data management services, enabling MRI to provide a complete solution for affordable housing investors, syndicators, owner/operators, and housing agencies.
Besides flow table implemented using TCAM, we add another flow table implemented using SRAM, which is cheaper and can provide larger flow table space.
Set up in 2002, the TCAM Unit under the Private Medical Licensing Department of the ministry regulates the licensing and practice of TCAM practitioners.
The traditional practice is important involving the Traditional medicine/Complementary and Alternative Medicine (TCAM) programs of the WHO and DOH of the Philippine government specifically the challenges for policy measures for its promotion, role in primary health care and integration into public health.
The TCAM strategy was compared to the results of using a traditional thermostat design following the form of a non-ideal relay (refer to Figure 7).
O papel da TCAM e o da criacao de um quadro teorico que permita o estabelecimento de principios e tecnicas a aplicar na execucao de recursos multimedia que promovam a aprendizagem, atendendo as limitacoes do processo de cognicao no ser humano.
Indian Cancer Patients' use of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (TCAM) and delays in presentation to Hospital.
Design and Testing of Tcam Faults Using TH Algorithm, Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research, 23(08): 1921-1929.
The Ternary CAM (TCAM) was introduced to overcome such a limitation.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, January 23, 2015 --( Currently there are more than 200 licensed TCAM (Traditional, Complementary, and Alternative Medicine) professionals in the UAE.