TCAPSTactical Communication and Protective System (US DoD)
TCAPSTraverse City Area Public Schools (Michigan)
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The panel wrote that Herman said she didn't activate the lights because of training she received from TCAPS, and that doing so would have been unlawful since the bus was already stopped and it wouldn't have provided enough warning of a student boarding.
It also denied summary disposition of a statutory liability claim against TCAPS since the bus was running and engaged in the activity of picking students up for school.
In 2007, the US Marine Corps contracted with Honeywell Safety Products (Smithfield, RI) to provide Marines with in-the-ear, wired TCAPS under the trade name of Integrated Intra Squad Radio Hearing Protection Headsets.
It was during the post-deployment DCS hearing check and earplug fitting that each Soldier was asked: "what type of hearing protection did you wear in Afghanistan?" After asking this question to the first few hundred troops, we noticed that several indicated they had used an identical brand of over-the-ear (OTE) TCAPS during dismounted operations.
The TCAPS budget should reflect the most current strategies for providing a world-class education to its learners.
TCAPS should pursue a limited number of specific goals.
Instead, TCAPS wanted to be the kind of district where the budget intentionally reflects the most current strategies for providing a world-class education to its learners.
A number of months later, after decision makers had acclimated to the principles, TCAPS was struggling with how to pay for its strategies to improve student learning.
TCAPS noted that it was above the state average for elementary school reading scores.
Hence, it seemed reasonable to hypothesize that procuring a new math curriculum could address TCAPS' math problem.
Coolmation has launched a new range of cooled water chillers for food processing applications, the Rhoss TCAP series.