TCATSTabernacle Choir at Temple Square
TCATSTarget Cueing and Tracking System (video processing)
TCATSThe Colour and the Shape (Foo Fighters song)
TCATSTraffic Citation Accounting Transmission System (Florida Association of Court Clerks and Comptroller)
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That cannot be done without the incredible workforce that they have and the TCATs are driving that.
And the TCATs, I think engender that in a couple of different ways: One, there's some inherent soft skill learning that TCATs have embedded, you have to show up on time, you need to not be on drugs when you do so, and you need to be dressed appropriately.
I have every confidence that our TCAT graduates have the right skills because of two things: 1) every single TCAT program has an advisory council from their local host so we had the opportunity to hear from an employer so the TCAT's change the program to exactly what the employers needed.
So individuals that want to attend the four-year institutions, that's fantastic, it's a great opportunity in Tennessee, unlike any other state to go to TCAT, community college or four-year school.
So, what we did was as an organization, we talked to those issues, so, working with Rutherford County schools, the state, and with TCAT's, we all came together.
We worked with TCAT to basically design a new apprenticeship program.
They formed a Greater Memphis Alliance Partnership, and we've been working with Haas, and this young man we're bringing up next has been really involved in that Greater Memphis Alliance for the medical device industry along with TCAT Memphis and Nathan and Roland and their staff.
One of the things that TCAT Memphis has done that is major in the medical manufacturing is they have gotten machinist programs back in hospitals.
TCAT Memphis is preparing them for a career in medical manufacturing.
Does Nissan people form TCAT the opportunity to advance through Nissan's organizations into supervisory or management positions?
I would love to see some way where we've got school counselors with more tangible TCAT experiences so they know that that's a tool in their toolkit.