TCAVTrend Chip Away Virus
TCAVTrend ChipAway Virus (BIOS type)
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Los mecanismos y procesos mediante los cuales la infeccion por VIH aumenta la prevalencia de enfermedades psiquiatricas y de TCAV siguen en proceso de investigacion.
Variable Device/manufacturer Measurement height [m] Atmospheric C[O.sub.2] Licor 7500A open path infrared 2.65 and [H.sub.2]O gas analyser, LI-COR Biosciences, USA Wind speed in 3- CSAT3 ultrasonic anemometer, 2.65 dimensional field (w, Campbell Scientific, USA v, and w) and air temperature Incoming and outgoing CNR4 net radiometer (pair of 2.00 shortwave and longwave pyranometer and pyrgeometer), radiations Kipp & Zonen, Netherlands Soil moisture content CS616, water content 0.03 reflectometer, Campbell Scientific, USA Soil heat flux HFP01SC, self-calibrating heat 0.08 flux plate, Hukseflux, Netherlands Soil temperature TCAV averaging soil 0.03 thermocouple probe, Campbell Scientific, USA Table 2: General parameters used for the SOLVEG simulations.
Ancillary meteorological measurements made on a continuous basis include air temperature and humidity with an HMP 45 (Vaisala, Helsinki) and soil heat-flux plates (Campbell Scientific); soil water content with three CS616 water content reflectometers, converted to water-filled pore space; and soil temperature (TCAV; Campbell Scientific) at three depths (50, 100, 300 mm), net radiation (Q7.1 Campbell Scientific), and rainfall (CS700-L Rain Gauge Campbell Scientific).