TCCHThe Cocoe Conspiracy Headquarters (Madrid, Spain)
TCCHTwin City Christian Homes (Minnesota)
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The official plan (well the latest plan) is for Nicosia Master Plan (NMP) teams from both sides, with support from the TCCH and UNDP, to gather up the fallen stones and debris and remove them to a plot of land that has been prepared to the east of the church in the Unficyp-controlled area of the Green Line.
According to Takis Hadjidemetriou, the TCCH Greek Cypriot head, the Committee asked both leaders to discuss the subject during their first meeting on Tuesday.
Many more sites are in need of restoration, but though the climate of cooperation between the TCCH, the EU and the UNDP is not a problem, resources are.
The ceremony was held at the site of the church in the occupied village and was attended, inter alia, by the two Heads and the members of the TCCH, UNDP-PFF staff, EU representatives, Ambassadors of EU member states to Cyprus, as well as dozens of people.
Speaking during the ceremony the Greek Cypriot Head of the TCCH, Mr Takis Hadjidemetriou, thanked all those who worked collectively for the completion of the project, noting that the work of preservation of our cultural heritage needs the coordination and cooperation of a complex network of international organizations .
On his part the Turkish Cypriot Head of the TCCH, Mr Ali Tuncay, said the completion of the project constitutes one the first results of five years of intense discussions and work in the framework of the Committee.
At an open meeting at the Church of St Peter and Paul in Famagusta on Thursday, the TCCH outlined plans for several sections of the impressive 50-foot thick port walls in Famagusta.
Glafkos Constantinides from the TCCH said Famagusta boasts an exceptionally rich heritage of ruined monuments and the three projects would commence shortly, starting with the Venetian Land Gate or the Rivettina Bastion.
"Famagusta was our great project from the beginning," TCCH member Takis Hadjidemetriou told the Sunday Mail .
The TCCH was set up in 2008 and is dedicated to the recognition, promotion and protection of cultural heritage.
The largest and most visible project so far for the TCCH was the extensive work at Othello Tower and Citadel last year, which was crowned on completion by a performance of Othello by William Shakespeare by a young bi-communal theatre group.
Ali Tuncay, a part of the Turkish Cypriot contingent of the TCCH, says the fragility of Cyprus' architectural legacy has united the bi-communal teams.