TCCNTexas Common Course Numbering
TCCNTechnisch Creatief Centrum Nijmegen (Dutch: Nijmegen Creative Technical Center; science and technology workshops; Netherlands)
TCCNThe Cancer Council NSW (New South Wales; Australia)
TCCNStichting Teledermatologisch Consultatie Centrum Nederland (Dutch: Netherlands Foundation for Dermatological Teleconsultation Center; Heerenveen, Netherlands)
TCCNThe Classic Cougar Network (archive)
TCCNTennessee Coordinated Care Network (health management organization; Nashville, TN)
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In addition, two nursing professionals were selected who spoke American English and had knowledge of the TCCN theory and who had professional experience in technological and labor environments in the United States and Canada, which permitted contextualizing the technical language and that of the profession.
Because these are generated in the instrument, each component or dimension is labeled, based on the assumptions and concepts of the TCCN theory (Table 3).
The TCCN project required additional staffing at the Trumbull County Educational Service Center.
Although there was no expectation that the plans would be uniform, TCCN tried to assist the districts in planning for their own needs and in coordinating plans across districts when necessary.
With the computer labs in place and the installation of the distance learning labs underway in the first year, the goal of the TCCN project in the second year was to expand to include training opportunities for local government agencies, and for business and industry.
The distance learning portion of the TCCN project is known as the TCCN Telecommunity Classroom Network.
The goals of TCCN for the future are to increase the integration of technology into every curriculum area, to expand the network beyond Trumbull County, and to offer enriching educational opportunities to enhance existing programs.
The TCCN Telecommunity distance learning network is being used to share thematic units between teachers of different districts, and to offer guidance for preparing for the proficiency exams from the School Improvement division of the Educational Service Center.
Since the TCCN project provided for a server in all of the districts, many districts opted to use that server as their Web server as well, and requested assistance from the Educational Service Center when setting them up.
Over the course of the TCCN project, technology training was available to members from area businesses, industries, government and educational institutions in the county.