TCCRTavistock Centre for Couple Relationships (UK)
TCCRTaskforce on the Churches and Corporate Responsibility (Canada)
TCCRT Cell Cytokine Receptor
TCCRTrust for Conservation of Coastal Resources (Pakistan)
TCCRTown Center Commercial Revitalization (grant program; Ohio)
TCCRThe Classic Car Resource (website: UK)
TCCRTwin Cities Clinical Research (Brooklyn Center, MN)
TCCRTraining Course Completions Report
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TCCR is a demonstration project designed to accelerate removal of radioactive salt waste from the SRS underground waste tanks to support tank closure.
The recent TCCR batch process included transferring salt waste from Tank 10 into the TCCR processing module.
During the visit of the mangrove forests in different minors of Korangi Creek arranged by the TCCR, this scribe found that due to the rapid growth, the mangrove forests have become denser.
Explaining the cause why mangroves were victim to massive de-forestation, TCCR Director Zubeda Birwani said in the past there were around eight species of mangroves along the Sindh coast and the majority were the Avicennia genus, which has small leaves, a thick trunk and a lot of wood, suitable for fuel, furniture, animal fodder and pulp industry.
Shareholder proposals have increased recently, in part due to the stronger coordination of church-based investors through the TCCR. (203) Canadian trade unions through their pension plans are also exerting more influence.
(219) The recent amendments to the CBCA were the result of years of lobbying by the TCCR, a fact that underscores the role of ethical investor associations as a necessary ingredient for achieving legislative reform.
DOE-Savannah River Manager Mike Budney said the TCCR operation, if proven feasible, will be key to accelerating EMs waste retrieval and tank closure efforts.
The waste from Tank 10 will pass through the TCCR process, including a set of pre-filters and multiple ion exchange columns.
In all of the evaluated items below, glucose exposure, 24-h dialysate protein, and TCcr were significantly higher in HT group compared with those in LT group.
Screening with univariate Cox analysis, possible risk factors contributing to mortality were age, higher peritoneal transport status, ALB, Hb, HbA1c, TCcr, RRF, and nPNA.
Completion of onsite testing means EM is another step closer to launching the TCCR demonstration, said Jim Folk, DOE-Savannah River assistant manager for waste disposition.
The testing involved running water through the TCCR process, including the pre-filters and ion exchange columns; valve manipulation; pump tests; ventilation tests; and checks of alarms, interlocks, remote cameras, radiation monitors, and a computer that controls the automated process.