TCDSType Certificate Data Sheet (FAA)
TCDSTexas Center for Disability Studies (University of Texas at Austin)
TCDSTelemetry Channel Decoding System
TCDSTri-County Dental Society
TCDSTourism and Community Development Solutions
TCDSTrellis-Coded Direct Sequence
TCDSTravaux Conception Duplication Service (France)
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* The TCD would be issued by the Bank of Canada as agent for Revenue Canada.
Do not overlook the notes section of the TCDS. Manufacturers' maintenance manuals will specify conditions and requirements concerning airworthiness, including damage assessment and required placards.
Summary: AUD3 billion in transferable certificates of deposit (TCD) program and AUD300 million in new TCD rated
She remained neurologically stable and daily TCDs and follow-up angiography on post-SAH day 11 showed no evidence of vasospasm.
Dela Rosa bared that the names of five police officials came to mind when asked who were among the most fit and qualified to replace him as PNP chief: Deputy Director General Ramon Apolinario, deputy chief for administration; Deputy Director General Archie Gamboa, chief of the directorial staff (TCDS); Deputy Director General Fernando Mendez, deputy chief for operations; Director Camilo Cascolan, chief directorate for operations; and Director Oscar Albayalde, chief of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO).
Using another reference--the FAA's type certificate data sheet (TCDS) for all 172 models--we find a placard stating "Avoid slips with flaps down" is required on models 172 through 172E (manual flaps) and the statement, "Avoid slips with flaps extended" is required on a similar placard for the 172F through at least some serial numbers of the 172N, if not all.
While not specifically mentioned in FAR 91.213, it's implied an aircraft must also comply with its type certificate data sheet (TCDS) and any supplemental type certificates (STCs) installed.
The closest I've gotten is a vague requirement in Part 23 that says AFMs have to have a list of equipment moments (which is different than empty weight and balance) and many planes' operating limitations require the AFM to be on board; or, that the TCDS could contain that requirement (for the 182 I fly, it does not).
Daily TCDs are also employed as well as NIRS, and daily neurological examinations are carried out by neurointensivists.