TCDSBToronto Catholic District School Board (Ontario, Canada)
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Third, it will apply this article's primary argument to this particular case study and advocate for why the TCDSB decision to expropriate seventeen homes is problematic.
The surge of high-quality, unapologetic, Catholic candidates running for TCDSB trustee was remarkable.
Davis doesn't tell you is that with her willing support the TCDSB has approved the "equity and inclusive education" policies that went on to become Bill 13.
Rodrigues has just announced his resignation from the TCDSB, after only two years, to take a position with the Ontario government (Everyday for Life Canada blog, 3 June 2013).
After having attended several meetings, it is easily verifiable that most of the TCDSB (Toronto Catholic District School Board) trustees embrace the Equity and Inclusive Education Policy.
A TCDSB religion teacher, for example, who took the course taught by Steve Rosseel, a religion head at a TCDSB high school, reported that Michael Xuereb, also a religion head, was invited to give a talk on sexual orientation.
The long awaited Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) meeting of Wednesday evening, August 31, finally arrived.
First we asked "What is at stake?" We then showed, with the evidence of two meetings of the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) held on April 18 and 27, that the senior administrators had evidently surrendered to the McGuinty government's agenda and so apparently had the educational advisors to the Ontario bishops, who tried to take the bishops with them.
As a twenty-eight-year-old Catholic male, I am highly disappointed the TCDSB trustees approved the pro-homosexual equity policy.
Joan Daly-Martin, TCDSB religion expert, announced to 24 liturgical representatives: "Jesus did not found a church, that all came about after (exact words)." This was stated during the proceedings of the day, which were generally on the topic of witness, the theme for the board next year.
In February 2011, some Toronto laity recommended the following amendments to the TCDSB's (Toronto Catholic District School Board) draft policy: