TCEEThad Cochran Endowment for Entrepreneurship (Mississippi State University; Mississippi State, MS)
TCEETechnical Committee on Electronics and the Environment (IEEE)
TCEETechnologieholding Central and Eastern European (Dutch investment fund)
TCEETasmanian Catholic Education Employees (Australia)
TCEETexas Council on Economic Education, Inc.
TCEEToplumsal Cinsiyet Esitsizlik Endeksi (Turkish: Gender Inequality Index)
TCEETransthoracic Contrast Enhanced Echocardiography
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The grant ensures that the program, developed by TCEE in 2012 and funded by PlainsCapital, will continue to be available to teachers and schools throughout the state.
PlainsCapital Bank's commitment to improving financial literacy in Texas was the driver in partnering with TCEE four years ago to develop a program for seventh- and eighth-grade students that incorporated financial literacy education with math and social studies curriculums.
A pesar de contemplarse en el TCECA y de haberse dado la indicacion en los TCEE y TCEEA, (18) solo hasta 1979 el PE fue electo por sufragio universal, hecho que simboliza el compromiso europeo con los valores de la democracia representativa.
El TCEE dedico a la Asociacion con los PTU toda la Parte IV, es decir, del articulo 131 al 136 bis.