TCEQTexas Commission on Environmental Quality (formerly TNRCC)
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TCEQ said its staff would be extensively monitoring the air quality, and asked for additional air monitoring equipment from the Environmental Protection Agency, which will arrive and begin operations Thursday, according to the release.
Representatives from the TCEQ and Dalrymple took questions from attendees at the information-gathering meeting, but comments were not recorded as part of the application.
The report recommends adopting a more conservative cancer risk level and revising formulas to match assumptions of accidental soil consumption and body size that are used in other states, either through legislation or TCEQ rulemaking.
All samples had non-detectable levels of TPH that were below the established reporting levels for the three petroleum types and well below ecological benchmark values established by the TCEQ for TPHs (TCEQ 2017) (Table 1).
The landfill's maximum height would have been about 151 feet above the ground, with a volume of 35.7 million cubic yards available for disposal, according to the TCEQ application overview online.
Strategies to address the ULOs include transferring funds to the Clean Water State Revolving Fund to allow the grant funds to be immediately used by active clean water projects until they are needed for future drinking water projects, managing loan capacity of the program based on a cash draw model, incentivizing projects to complete construction quicker and allotting more set-aside funds to TCEQ for capacity development of Texas public water systems.
TCEQ and EPA officials also said that Exide's assessment report on the extent of contamination on plant property is flawed and needs revising.
The draft license, if approved, "would refine and add detail to the conditions under which the land disposal facility must operate with regard to existing authorized receipt of wastes and does not change the type or concentration limits of wastes to be received," TCEQ reports.
The plant was built in 1962 and had been grandfathered into laws requiring permits, but lost its grandfather status at the time of the complaint, according to the TCEQ.
"In speaking with the owner of the facility, he indicated that he would return to the country in the next few weeks and ask that we delay proceedings with our enforcement action," Heather Feldman, TCEQ Regional Director, told KFDM News.
Tests conducted in the past by the independent nonprofit research institute in San Antonio, Texas, demonstrated that the Clean Boost LE Diesel Fuel Treatment additive reduces nitrous-oxide (NOx) emissions and particulate matter (black smoke) to levels that bring diesel-powered vehicles into compliance with the regulations of the TCEQ -- without impacting fuel economy.