TCESTahoe Center for Environmental Sciences (Sierra Nevada College; Nevada)
TCESTransforming Community Equipment Services (UK)
TCESTexas Council of Elementary Science
TCESTates Creek Elementary School (Lexington, KY)
TCESTactical Communications Environment Segment
TCESTrue Colors English School (Guatemala)
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The General Assembly also decided that the IGC should "submit to the 2012 General Assembly the text(s) of an international legal instrument(s) which will ensure the effective protection of GRs, TK and TCEs. The General Assembly in 2012 will take stock of and consider the text(s)and progress made and decide on convening a Diplomatic Conference, and will consider the need for additional meetings, taking account of the budgetary process." See id.
Ron Unterman, vice president of R&D at Lawrenceville, NJ-based Envirogen Inc., says, "Our lab already has developed a genetically engineered strain that can degrade TCE. It's ready for field trials, and we are discussing with the EPA about its deployment at a Superfund site."
* Delay or prevent disease progression to end-stage HF and terminal cardiac events (TCE), defined as death, le ventricular assist device (LVAD) implanta on, or cardiac transplant.
Some of the major activities undertaken in 2005-2006 include: (1) Launch of, a student-friendly web resource featuring a searchable online guide to transfer throughout the BC Transfer System; (2) Re-design of the Transfer Credit Evaluation System (TCES), a web-based facility enabling institutions to create and maintain articulation agreements; and (3) Implementation of substantial enhancements to Education Planner (, a free student-oriented web resource providing information on programs offered throughout the BC public post-secondary system.
The Directorate of Peace Keeping and Regional Security of the Commission of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in collaboration with Member States, Training Centres of Excellence (TCEs), the African Union (AU) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft fr Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) conducted the Main Planning Conference (MPC) for its Command Post Exercise (CPX) JIGUI IV, which aims to test the Full Operational Capacity (FOC) of the ECOWAS Standby Force (ESF).
It is noteworthy that once acquired, IP assets spur higher quality research leading to enhanced invention, innovation and creative capabilities; encourage technology transfer, development and adaptation (typically through adaptation of public domain technologies); attract foreign direct investments (FDIs); trigger exploitation of traditional knowledge (TK), traditional cultural expressions (TCEs) and genetic resources.
States agreed that the IGC would undertake negotiations with the objective of reaching agreement on a text of an international legal instrument (or instruments), which would ensure the effective protection of genetic resources (GRs), traditional knowledge (TK) and traditional cultural expressions (TCEs).
Contract notice: construction and layout all state structures (tces) of a railway building that combine the functions of single control center (ccu), centralized control network (ccr) and central substation
There were also briefings bordering on national early warning and response mechanisms, the humanitarian situation in the region as well as a presentation of the research by ECOWAS and Training Centres of Excellence (TCEs) on the herder-farmer conflicts in West Africa.
The ECOWAS Commission in collaboration with the African Union, the European Union, Member States Training Centres of Excellence (TCEs) and other Development Partners have begun the Initial Planning Conference (IPC) for ECOWAS Command Post Exercise (CPX) code named JIGUI IV scheduled to hold in July 2018.