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TCF1Transcription Factor 1
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The tables were arranged into 3 rows and 4 columns, with lines indicating the TSIR model used to flow discount (Svensson's (M1), cubic spline (M2), and Vasicek's (M3)) and columns indicating the flow profile in the theoretical cash that was discounted (TCF1, TCF2, TCF3, and TCF4).
ILCs develop from hematopoietic precursors and their development is partially or wholly dependent on the common [gamma]-chain, Notch, the transcription factor inhibitor of DNA binding-2 (Id2), IL7, a cytokine involved in hematopoietic cell development and proliferation [3-6], and other transcription factors such as T-bet for ILC1, ROR[alpha] and Gata-3 for ILC2, and TCF1 and Gata-3 for ILC3 (Figure 1).
Bcl11b is a unique transcription factor that specifically functions for T-cell identity maintenance and another transcription factor of this type is Tcf1 (T-cell factor 1).
Bell's group has now identified mutations in a chromosome 7 gene called TCF1 as the cause of those families' diabetes.
We observed significant downregulation of Lef1 in [Hif1[alpha].sup.-/-] EBs, while the results did not show any substantial changes in Tcf1, Tcf3, or Tcf4 gene expression.