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TCF1Transcription Factor 1
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ILCs develop from hematopoietic precursors and their development is partially or wholly dependent on the common [gamma]-chain, Notch, the transcription factor inhibitor of DNA binding-2 (Id2), IL7, a cytokine involved in hematopoietic cell development and proliferation [3-6], and other transcription factors such as T-bet for ILC1, ROR[alpha] and Gata-3 for ILC2, and TCF1 and Gata-3 for ILC3 (Figure 1).
Bcl11b is a unique transcription factor that specifically functions for T-cell identity maintenance and another transcription factor of this type is Tcf1 (T-cell factor 1).
Bell's group has now identified mutations in a chromosome 7 gene called TCF1 as the cause of those families' diabetes.
We observed significant downregulation of Lef1 in [Hif1[alpha].sup.-/-] EBs, while the results did not show any substantial changes in Tcf1, Tcf3, or Tcf4 gene expression.