TCFATexas Cattle Feeders Association
TCFAThe Chinese Finance Association
TCFATropical Cyclone Formation Alert (US Navy)
TCFATactical Concept Feasibility Analysis
TCFATask Committee on Facilities for the Aging
TCFATuscola County Fair Association (Michigan)
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He is a trustee on the SWGTC Foundation, and is also the outgoing president of the TCFA.
The TCFA Benefactor of the Year award is presented to individuals and companies who generously provide their technical colleges with much-needed funding.
In recent years, we have seen cooperatives sell to national companies and eliminate the cooperative from the local market," TCFA President Tim Spector said.
29) En el caso aleman, si bien el Tribunal Constitucional Federal implemento la declaracion de mera incompatibilidad constitucional o inconstitucionalidad simple, dicha practica goza de cobertura normativa desde la reforma que tuvo lugar el 21 de diciembre del ano 1970, por la que se modifico la Ley de Organizacion del TCFA, y se incluyo como decisiones a la declaracion de mera incompatibilidad o incompatibilidad simple y la declaracion de compatibilidad constitucional, referida a normas "todavia constitucionales".
Preliminarmente, deve-se realcar que, ao pretender tipificar o fato gerador da TCFA, <<o exercicio regular do poder de policia conferido ao Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente e dos Recursos Naturais Renovaveis--Ibama para controle e fiscalizacao das atividades potencialmente poluidoras e utilizadoras de recursos naturais>>, o art.
Assim, com a venia devida aos ilustres professores (64-65) que abonaram a TCFA, manifestamos respeitosa discordancia dos seus doutos opinamentos.
For more information on upcoming topics or joining the TCFA, go to www.
In response, Turkish studies lecturer Dr Sotos Ktoris said that the report in question was in fact an opinion piece, and had not referred to any comments made by Akinci but it actually criticised the Turkish Cypriot leader for supporting the TCFA joining the CFA.
According to the Greek Cypriot side, for the TCFA to join the CFA, it should first be registered as an association at the Republic of Cyprus.
Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu has also stated that he doubts whether the TCFA would ultimately be willing to accept being ruled by Greek Cypriots.
MANY risks' are posed by the agreement reached by the Cyprus Football Association (CFA) and its Turkish Cypriot equivalent, the TCFA, in Zurich earlier this month, lawyer and former CFA and Apoel chairman Christos Triantaphyllides said yesterday.
Evidently, KOP was made an offer it couldn't refuse even though the TCFA are now unhappy about 'the wording'.