TCFGTrillion Cubic Feet of Gas (Natural Gas)
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TCFGTask Control-Flow Graph
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BBO, billion barrels of oil (includes cumulative production plus recoverable resources), TCFG, trillion cubic feet of gas recoverable resources
The non-sticking TCFG belt conveyor system is said to provide for accurate belt tracking, easy replacement and variable speed to obtain the required time in the heat zones.
Table--1 Number of producing wells, 2002 Name of wells Areas Capacity Tunggal Maung-2 West Java 34.2 MMBO and 126 BSCFG Tambun Kelapa-01 West Java 13 MMBO and 497.6 BSCFG Sungai Felam Deep-01 Jambi 497.6 BSCFG Randublatung Central Java 411 BSCFG Donggi-2 South Sulawesi 1.3 TCFG and 7 MMBO Anoa Besar-1 Central Sulawesi 440 BSCFG Source: Pertamina Table--2 New oil and gas blocks put into tender Location Description Number of blocks Jambi Onshore 1 South of Banten Offshore 1 North of East Java Offshore 3 South of West Timor Offshore 1 Tanimbar Offshore 2 Bird head of Papua Offshore 1 Bird head of Papua Onshore 1 Total 10 Source: Directorate General of Oil and Gas