TCFSTransparent Cryptographic File System
TCFSToo Cool for School
TCFSTexas Council of Faculty Senates (Austin, TX)
TCFSThousand Cubic Feet per Second (measurement)
TCFSThomas Cook Financial Services
TCFSTodkari Corporate & Financial Services (India)
TCFSTurkish Cypriot Federated State
TCFSThe Crow Flies Straight (gaming)
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Founded in 1972, TCF has helped preserve more than 35,000 acres of open space, restored and cleaned miles of rivers and streams, and educated thousands of kids by engaging them in nature and the outdoors.
The poor conductivity and low stability of NWs in this environment, together with the high cost of conducting polymers themselves, have hindered applications of Ag NW-polymer composite TCFs [27, 28].
Caption: Figure 7: The performance of SWCNT TCFs. (a) Sheet resistance plotted as a function of total light transmittance in SWCNT TCFs fabricated by using various SWCNT dispersions of different tube diameters (blue: 1.3 nm, orange: 1.7 nm, red: 2.0 nm).
"The TCF project will leverage on the Haradh Increment Program, which is considered a catalyst for growth through increasing total gas production by more than one billion standard cubic feet per day.
Williams et al., "Myeloid translocation gene family members associate with T-cell factors (TCFs) and influence TCF-dependent transcription," Molecular and Cellular Biology, vol.
Researchers are investigating several ITO alternatives for manufacturing TCFs. Carbon nanotube-based devices are among those showing promise.
Various metal oxides, especially indium tin oxide (ITO) sputter-deposited have been the key materials for TCFs due to their high opto-electrical properties.
From the quick reaction force (QRF), across the spectrum including the rapid response force (RRF) or, in some references, the ready reaction force (RRF), the tactical combat force (TCF), and the reserve, to the vaunted "striking force," organizations are standing by to strive mightily to "save the supported commander's bacon," so to speak.
Migration of applications off site creates an enterprise service environment to centralize services and reduce hardware and personnel at local TCFs. The operational environment drives all scheduled network changes.
[14] proposed Text Clustering with Feature Selection (TCFS).
Figure 6 shows the TCFs of devices with different thicknesses of Ti[O.sub.2] thin films.