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The TCGA research group recently analyzed the RNA sequence data of 412 cases of bladder MIUC, which revealed 5 distinct molecular subtypes, including luminal-papillary (35%), luminal-infiltrated (19%), luminal (6%), basalsquamous (35%), and neuronal (5%).
The present work is a validation study that was based on the use of transcriptomics data sets of cancer patients, which are publicly available from GEO and TCGA, in order to confirm the relatedness of our previously described CLL-related proteins at the level of mRNA to the prognosis of CLL.
By comprehensively analysing additional cancer subtypes profiled by TCGA, the investigators also found that reduced expression of BCAA catabolic enzymes correlated with tumour development, progression and aggressiveness, as well as patient survival in numerous other cancers.
The Kaplan-Meier method followed by the log-rank test was used for survival analysis in both TCGA LIHC cohort and Guilin cohort.
Samples of gastric cancer were selected from the TCGA database (, in which mRNAs data and miRNAs data were profiled from the Illumina platform.
Perou, and TCGA Testicular Germ Cell Tumor Ana Group, "Abstract 3703: a genomic characterization of testicular germ cell tumor immune microenvironment," Cancer Research, vol.
In order to identify whether gene amplification contributes to higher FGFRL1 expression in OC, our analysis of cancer genomics in TCGA revealed that gene amplification was infrequent in FGFRL1 gene and only 21 of 301 samples (6.75%; Figure 2(a)).
The largest effort in interrogating the transcriptome of endometrial cancer is from TCGA [7]; however both the initial comprehensive report from TCGA on endometrial cancer and the follow-up report by others who focused on the RNA-seq data of endometrial cancer in TCGA did not provide transcriptome-wide information on the differentially expressed genes in the scenario of endometrial cancer versus normal endometrial tissue [7, 8].
Evidence and rationale for the use of immunotherapy in gastric cancer GC is a heterogeneous disease which can be divided into 4 major subtypes based on molecular signature according to Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network (TCGA): Epstein Barr virus (EBV) positive, microsatellite unstable (MSI), and genomically stable (GS) and chromosomal instability (CIN) tumours [12].
In this review, we also evaluate the role of HOX genes during CRC development using The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) database.
The latest study from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Research Network has shown that mutation density correlates with age and therefore age should always be considered as a continuous variable in risk stratification, rather than a static threshold from which patients are classified as having low or high risk [15].
Then, the correlation analysis using TCGA database was employed to observe the potential relationship between genes.