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TCGFT-Cell Growth Factor
TCGFTransformed Cell Growth Factor
TCGFTsao Chung-Gih Foundation (est. 1977; Taiwan)
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The TCGF will support the Tunisian economy by catalysing lending to eligible Tunisian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), with specific support to those employing franchise business models.
This collaboration deal offers a guarantee of up to USD 50 million to partner banks, namely Attijari Bank, Amen Bank and ATB via the Tunisia Credit Guaranty Facility (TCGF)
* * An active member of GMDC's ELC committee (as well as its fundraising chairwoman), The Consumer Goods Forum (TCGF), the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and Girl Scouts of America, Levene has made such significant contributions to Advantage as growing her division's top-line revenue by 3 percent and EBITDA by 4 percent.