TCHARText Char (data type)
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Part of Operation Francis Marion, they took place in the Ia Tchar Valley and the remote jungle west of Pleiku.
This accessible detailed narrative for general readers and others draws on interviews with Vietnam War veterans and their relatives to recount Operation Francis Marion, nine days of battles in May 1967 in the Ia Tchar Valley.
To design an optimal model from the MIS, we study 11 system input variables such as, Total lines of code including comments (LOC), Total code lines (CL), Total character count (TChar), Total comments (TComm), Number of comment characters (MChar), Number of code characters (DChar), Halstead's program length (N), Halstead's estimated program length (N), Jensen's estimator of program length ([N.sub.F]), McCabe's cyclomatic complexity (V(G)), and Belady's bandwidth metric (BW).