TCHTTexas Concealed Handgun Times (web-zine)
TCHTTraditional Chinese Herbal Therapy (alternative medicine)
TCHTThe Center for Health Training (various locations)
TCHTTitterstone Clee Heritage Trust (UK)
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TCHT will reportedly be built in traditional style of architecture with sculptures created by artisans from India and will include a large tower and solar panels.
As reported in The Lancet in July 1992, every patient taking the Chinese herbs experienced "a rapid and continued improvement in both erythema [redness of the skin] and surface damage," which led the authors to conclude "that TCHT [traditional Chinese herbal therapy] affords substantial clinical benefit in patients whose atopic dermatitis had been unresponsive to conventional therapy." Although "an understanding of the pharmacological basis for the beneficial effect" of these plants is "limited," the authors wrote, the plants are known to have anti-inflammatory, sedative, and immunosuppressive effects, and they might also have stimulated the patients' genes to increase the production of particular beneficial enzymes or decrease the production of harmful ones.
25-year-old Lithuanian-Russian pianist Lukas Geniulas, silver medal in the 2015 TchT aikovsky Competition among his many accolades, is soloist in the Grieg Piano Concerto, written when the composer was, you've guessed it, 25.