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"Tchu!" said Ben, with a long treble intonation, "what's folks's kin got to do wi't?
<< Tchu devrais checki tis rets >> (47) est un anglicisme commun dans le registre populaire, ainsi que l'archaisme << asteure >> utilise a plusieurs reprises.
Hani Tchu, one of the first visitors to visit the exhibition with her two daughters said that she was very impressed with the exhibition.
[19.] Izabela Filipiak, Absolutna amnezja (Warszawa: Tchu, 2006), 188.
Indeed in Central Asia and Mongolia people use 'tchu' to make their horse move off or gallop when they are riding it; the Uzbek monolingual dictionary glosses the article 'tchuv' like this: 'when you say "tchouv', your horse flies along faster than a bird'.
For example, he observes (1893: 15) that the syllable tchu [tsy] (as in zhu [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "pig") is (mis-) pronounced by the Pekingese as tchou [tsu].