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TCID5050% Tissue Culture Infective Dose
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[20] at 6 dpc in ML, TBL, and MRL; this discrepancy may be related with the difference in the viral dose and inoculation route employed by these authors ([10.sup.7] TCID50, aerosol) compared with those of our study ([10.sup.4] BID50, nasal instillation).
Although protective antibody level (= 10 neutralizing antibody units) was detectable in the animals vaccinated with either oil based gel based or freeze dried vaccine containing biological titer of 104.00 TCID50 but however the extent and duration of immunity was found to be most superior in response to oil based vaccines.
TCID50 of the virus was determined by using titration of the virus on TZM-bl cells (obtained from NIH AIDS Reagent Program, catalogue no.
200 [micro]L per dilution was incubated for 1hourwith200 [micro]L of FCV-F9 suspension at a concentration of approximately 100 TCID50 to allow viral neutralisation.
Approximately 500 TCID50 in 50 [micro]L (determined by Spearman-Karber equation assay) of SF33 were incubated with 50 [micro]L diluted plasma for 30 minutes at 37[degrees]C in a well of a 96-well plate, followed by the addition of PHA-activated PBMC (1.0 x [10.sup.5] in 100 [micro]L of complete RPMI1640 medium).
Testing methodology: Measurement using 50% Tissue Culture Infective Dose (TCID50) after direct exposure in an enclosed 1m3 container.
The TCID50 (tissue culture infection dose) of HSV-II towards Vero cells, determined by cytopathogenic effect (mPE), was [10.sup.-4] in the virus titration assay.
* Viral quantitation and infectivity (Plaque, TCID50, FFA)
The virus also posses plaque forming ability which together with CPE can be used in quantitative assay of virus in terms of 50% tissue culture infectivity dose (TCID50) using Moench or the Karber method.