TCIITranscobalamin II
TCIITechnical Committee on Intelligent Informatics
TCIITechnical Committee on Information Infrastructure (IEEE)
TCIITCI International, Inc. (stock symbol)
TCIITime Crisis II (game)
TCIITelecom Consultants International, Inc.
TCIITrade Consultants International Inc.
TCIITien Chien II (missile)
TCIITactical Command Industries, Inc.
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(106) The TCII assigns each state a score between 0 to 6, (107)
We used sequences from standard strains: TcI (Silvio X10 cl1), TcII (Esmeraldo cl3), TcIII (M6241 cl6), TcIV (CANIII cl1), TcV (Mn cl2), and TcVI (CL Brener).
(3) Y, SI1, SIGR3 and SI8 strains are classified as TcII. (4,19,21) QMII strain, as a DTU IIc, (20) can be considered as TcIII according to the Second Satellite Meeting consensus.
Ribeiro, "Analise dos polimorfismos MTHFD-11958G>A, TCII 776 C>G, MTR 2756A>G, MTRR 66A>G, RFC-1 80G>A e SHMT-1 1420C>T como fatores genaticos de risco para sindrome de Down," 2008,
cruzi, we sought to evaluate whether different strains of TcI and TcII differentially modulate the biology of DCs.
(52) han demostrado que el genotipo de las UDTs TcII, TcV y TcVI es identico tanto en la madre como en el recien nacido, que es lo esperado cuando se transmite una cepa de T.
cruzi isolates from different host origins make people suggest that TcII is associated with placental mammals and TcI with marsupials.
GI: valor de IC acumulado de la propiedad en cuestion ([SIGMA] TCIi x Si)
We then measured total and HDL-cholesterol in the bottom fraction (HDL + LDL) with a Determiner I TCII reagent set (Kyowa-Medex) and a heparin-manganese precipitation method (Daiichi), respectively.
Absorbed vitamin [B.sub.12] is then transported in the circulation to the tissues bound predominantly to transcobalamin II (TCII).