TCLBThe Captain Legendary Band
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The selected graphs and Solute geothermometers were: Tcsh, Tclb & Tcfb, Tnkm, Amorphous Silica, chalcedony, quartz via conductive cooling and quartz via adiabatic cooling (boiling).
In the Tclb Plot (FIGURE 4A) is possible to observe concentrations relatively low in lithium with a high relation between Cl/B where the group A and D present similar amounts having a similar tendency, while the group C presents quantities of lithium below the limit of quantification of lithium and less amount of Cl reflecting in Cl/B.
On the other hand, on the Tclb Plots (FIGURE 5) is possible to observe a loss of lithium and a relation between Cl/B possibly indicating vapor absorption by magmatic gases in groups A and D.