TCMLThe Computer Merchant, Ltd. (Norwell, MA)
TCMLTeck Cominco Metals Ltd. (British Columbia, Canada)
TCMLTesla Coil Mailing List
TCMLToronto Centre for Mediated Learning (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
TCMLThree-Conductor Coupled Microstrip Line
TCMLThermo-Cycling and Mechanical Loading (dentistry)
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Results: Mean age, gender, the operation and aortic occlusion time was similar between the TCML and RLM groups.
We are presenting our comparative data of patients who had AOD sur-gery by TCML (TCML group) and AOD surgery by RML (RLM group).
From the beginning of January 2003 through the end of December 2006, 20 patients with AOD were treated by aortobifemoral by-pass (ABFBP) with con-ventional TCML approach (TCML group).
In the TCML and RLM groups, ABFBP operation was carried out.
The standard therapy for AOD since 1960s is ABFBP.11 Reconstructive surgery for treatment of AOD has generated long-term potency.12 Just like other fields of surgery especially in infrarenal aortic surgery to lower the surgical stress minilaparotomy procedures were developed and applied.1-4,12,13 The conventional TCML, which consists of an incision of the abdominal wall approximately 30 cm long, causes significant trauma and is associated with pain and prolonged postoperative recovery, especially in older patients.
Variations###Group I (TCML)###Group II (RML)###P Value
The ratings take into account TCML's improved operating income and profitability, backed by healthy growth in sales volumes and favourable demand outlook for the domestic automobile industry, TCML's key customer segment.
ICRA however notes that company's debt service indicators have improved to an extend in 2009-10, however the capital structure of the company is likely to remain aggressive because of the fresh debt that TCML has contracted to part fund it large ongoing projects.