TCMMTrusted Capability Maturity Model (software security)
TCMMTechnical Committee on Microprocessors and Microcomputers
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In this section, the performance of CC-TRS algorithm is tested and compared with TCMM framework and ConTraClu.
The sum of square distance SSQ was used to compare the clustering quality results of CC_TRS with TCMM. The SSQ of n trajectory segments is equal to the sum of square distances between segment St and its closest TMC representative line [L.sub.i] as illustrated in (10) and (11); the value of distance threshold ([d.sub.max]) is set to 600:
Figure 9 shows an improvement in clustering quality results of CC_TRS compared with TCMM using data sets Deer 95 and ELK 93.
The CC_TRS was compared with TCMM and ConTraClu algorithms to evaluate its efficiency in terms of execution time and space requirements.
The algorithms are run several times for different values of NOB (100, 200, 300, and 400); Figures 10(a) and 10(b) illustrate that the execution time of the CThTRS is less than TCMM and ConTraClu.
On the other hand, the tests show that CCJTRS needs 10-15% higher of memory space than TCMM as illustrated in Figures 11(a) and 11(b).
Our previous study showed that the TCMM from the organisms in the same family may have the same nature, while marine plants such as Chlorophyta, Florideophyceae, and Phaeophyceae were associated with cold nature, and marine animals including Decapoda, Malacostraca, and Arthropoda contained close relationship with hot nature [19].
Cancer poses serious threat to human health worldwide, and there have been efforts in screening for compounds possessing anticancer activity (AA) from TCMMs [17].
The cold-hot nature categorization of 613 TCMMs related to 1,091 marine bioresources species were retrieved from the "Chinese Marine Materia Medica" [22].
Cluster Pattern of Marine Organism from TCMMs with Reported AA.
This implies that TCMMs from Metazoa are potential candidates for anticancer drug discovery.
All of the six AA species of TCMMs from Bacteria superkingdom are of Cyanobacteria phylum.