TCMTTail Catcher Muon Tracker
TCMTTactical Communication Maintenance Technician
TCMTTennis Club Mies-Tannay (Switzerland)
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She said that when the church closes it will still be run by TCMT until the matter of future ownership is sorted out.
Even the contrary, that is, a negligibly small mean bias or scatter, may be found to result from inaccurate boundary layer forcing (compensating errors), thus rendering it at least dangerous for transferability of results to other TCMT sites.
2; Table 1) can be considered the backbone of the i-Box, giving rise to a rich dataset over several years of detailed boundary layer observations and results from numerical modeling in TCMT. Despite all efforts, however, such a dataset can never be complete.
These may, of course, also be conducted by neighboring communities interested in applications over TCMT (hydrology, air pollution modeling, snow modeling, etc.).
Based on the TCMT, dental morphology is studied from an interdisciplinary viewpoint (biology, anthropology, dentistry, paleopathology, archeology, forensic science) because teeth can be used in the estimation of biological relationships between populations.
This research seeks to observe the expression of 14 TCMT's from a group of Nasa indigenous people from the Musse Ukue council of in the municipality of Morales, province of Cauca, for the purpose of further processing of dental morphological markers that contribute to the ethnographic description of Southwestern Colombia.
This is a quantitative, cross-sectional, descriptive study of the frequency, variability, sexual dimorphism and bilateral symmetry of 14 TCMT's in deciduous and permanent dentition from study models obtained from a group of school children of the indigenous Nasa tribe of the Musse Ukue council of the municipality of Morales, Cauca, Colombia.
L'USCM (B) a battu l'ASAS (5-4), l'ACSA (A) a domine l'OCC (9-0), le TCM s'est impose au detriment du TCMT (4-5), le RUC a fait de meme devant le RTCMO, et l'ACSA (B) a surpris la premiere equipe du COC sur le meme score de (5-4).
Le RUC et le SM du groupe A (2 pts chacun), le Wifaq (3 pts) et le TCMT (2 pts) dans le groupe C, le RTCMA (3 pts - Groupe D) et le RTCF (2 pts - Groupe E) ont complete le tableau des quarts de cette categorie.