TCNSThomas Conrad Networking System
TCNSTranscultural Nursing Society
TCNSTower Construction Notification System (FCC to help with compliance of law related to Native American cultural site consultation)
TCNSTransition-Controllable Noise Source (circuits)
TCNSThomas-Conrad Network System
TCNSTransCanada Network Services (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
TCNSTotal Computer Network Support Ltd (UK)
TCNSTelcordia Community Notification System
TCNSTahoe Community Nursery School (Truckee, CA)
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TCNS sells its products under W, Aurelia and Wishful brands.
The programme will host activities and services including consulting and social support services, training to resolve migrants' daily issues, events which bring together Cypriots and TCNs, and promotion of information and awareness for both locals and migrants.
IAP will integrate the unique capabilities and talent of the acquired A/L and TCNS businesses as part of its long-term growth strategy.
Within a multinational operation, a command structure is developed by arrangement with TCNs that determines who is in charge.
Rosenow focuses on the developments that led to the "surprising" emergence of integration policies as a new policy field at the EU level, and analyses the early developments on the European level regarding the rights of TCNs, highlighting the pioneering initiatives taken by the Council of Europe, as well as the first steps taken by the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the NGOs.
When I thought of something that needed to be done, I told Bakir and he told a group of TCNs. He had them painting rocks white and raking the sand out front and scrubbing the bathroom floors and fixing the plumbing.
Avoiding cannonballs while trying to swim laps is akin to a naval battle scene from "Master and Commander." The Philippine TCNs will kick the cannonballers and lane-loungers out of at least one lap lane when someone who regularly swims laps shows up, which is pretty considerate.
At the same time, however, market harmonization and European citizenship largely fail to take account of past or future migration by third-country nationals (TCNs)--non-citizens of any Member State--into or within the European Union.
Second, Geddes provides a careful description of policy outcomes, especially those associated with TCNs. He discusses the "co-existence of restrictive and expansive tendencies in immigration policies" (p.
Action's 'New Channels for the integration of TCNs' is run by the municipalities of Nicosia, Ayios Dometios and Lakatamia, the Nicosia municipality multifunctional foundation and NVK Advent Consulting Ltd.
The majority of TCNs in Syria are female domestic workers who originate from more than 23 countries.
A PROGRAMME to teach third country nationals (TCNs) the correct way to drive on Cypriot roads has not only improved their driving skills but also helped to ensure their smoother integration into Cypriot society, organisers said yesterday.