TCNVTerminal Contingent Negative Variation
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Preliminary analyses using cluster-based permutation testing in the latency ranges from -1500 to -1000ms and from -500ms to S2 onset revealed no significant effects of gender, BMI, vigorous physical activity, and SDQ total score on iCNV and tCNV (see Supplemental Figure (available here)).
In contrast, no differences between groups were found for tCNV.
Previous experimental studies also found a decreased reaction time and/or increased accuracy on the Sternberg task along with increased iCNV, but not tCNV [22].
Supplemental Figure 1: effects of gender, body mass index (BMI), age, psychopathology (SDQ total score), and vigorous physical activity on the iCNV (-1500 to -1000 ms) and tCNV (-500 ms to S2 onset) components of event-related potentials assessed with cluster-based permutation testing.
Note: the vertical bars indicate the iCNV and the tCNV.