TCOFTreacher Collins-Franceschetti Syndrome
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Classroom observations--the TCOF. Each EBD teacher was observed on three occasions between January and May, 2006.
After completing each observation, the observer(s) independently rated the teacher using the TCOF. Observers first rated each of the 36 competencies using the zero (0) to three (3) scale.
Prior to the onset of data collection, observers were trained to use the Teacher Competency Observation Form (TCOF) in a series of three, two-hour training sessions.
To answer this question a Pearson's Product Moment Correlation was used to compare TSEBD knowledge scores with mean scores obtained on four measures of the Teacher Competency Observation Form (TCOF) (i.e., the mean instruction score, the mean classroom management score, the mean individualized support strategies score, and the mean overall teaching performance score).