TCOGTrilateral Coordination and Oversight Group (meeting between United States, Japan and South Korea on North Korea)
TCOGTennessee Coalition for Open Government (Nashville, TN)
TCOGTexoma Council of Governments
TCOGThe Children of God (On-Line Christian Church Site)
TCOGTrue Course Over Ground (global positioning systems)
TCOGToowoomba Community Organic Gardens (Australia)
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Bois (2000a) noted, however, that urinary excretion data for TCOG in mice was not well fit by the Fisher model, which did not include recirculation.
The two-day TCOG meeting is aimed at coordinating policy on North Korea by the three countries.
At the TCOG meeting, the three countries urged North Korea to eliminate its nuclear weapons program.
South Korea currently holds the rotating presidency of the TCOG meeting, but the venue for the meeting has yet to be decided, the official said.
The so-called Trilateral Coordination and Oversight Group (TCOG) meeting is likely to be held sometime around June 12-13 to discuss strategies to achieve a comprehensive solution to the issue by making Pyongyang promise to abandon its nuclear weapons programs in a verifiable and irreversible way, the official said.
The senior official-level Trilateral Coordination and Oversight Group (TCOG) meeting on North Korea was last held in Tokyo in April, when the participants agreed to continue working on engaging North Korea in dialogue with the international community.
The Trilateral Coordination and Oversight Group (TCOG) will focus on North Korea's nuclear program, the department said in a statement.
The latest meeting of the Trilateral Coordination and Oversight Group (TCOG), which has been holding senior officials talks every several months, will take place at a time tensions are growing over North Korea's program believed to be aimed at building nuclear arms.
It is the first time the issue of the alleged abduction of Japanese nationals by North Korean agents has been mentioned in a joint press statement following the TCOG senior officials meeting, according to a Japanese Foreign Ministry official.
The TCOG meeting, held regularly since 1999 -- most recently in Seoul in January -- comes amid signs North Korea may be moving to reopen dialogue with Japan and South Korea.
is prepared to undertake serious discussions with North Korea without preconditions,'' said the statement issued after the Trilateral Coordination and Oversight Group (TCOG) meeting held at a Seoul hotel.
During the talks, known as the ''Trilateral Coordination and Oversight Group (TCOG),'' participants are expected to exchange views on the situation on the Korean Peninsula and their relations with North Korea.