TCOMTool Development Cost Model
TCOMTactical Communications
TCOMTerminal Communications (Air Force Communication Squadron)
TCOMTotal Clinical Outcome Management (studies)
TCOMThe Center for Outpatient Medicine (Bloomington, IL)
TCOMTranscutaneous Oximetry Measurement
TCOMTethered Communications Of Maryland (manufacturer of unmanned tethered aerostat systems)
TCOMTime Critical Object Manager
TCOMTethered Communications Of Minnesota (communications blimp manufacturer)
TCOMTotal Control of Movement
TCOMThe Color of Marriage (Christian counseling)
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The TCOM series offers one the best answers when wondering if one should take it or leave it, she adds.
IAI Elta Systems based its EL/I-330 Multi-Payload Aerostat System (MPAS) on a TCOM 32M that carries a GMTI radar capable of detecting vehicles at 20-km and people on foot at 10-km, paired with an IAI Tamam Mosp turret housing television and thermal imaging sensors.
TCOM's Elizabeth City facility has long served as the East Coast's primary hub for LTA systems manufacturing, assembly, and testing.
Ohio-headquartered O2 Insight specialises in transcutaneous oxygen perfusion measurement (TCOM), or TcpO2, which helps to assess peripheral vascular oxygenation, determine the need for revascularisation procedures and to evaluate the possible benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
TVChoice Candy Cabs (BBC One, 9pm) IMAGINE a revamped version of Carry On Cabby, the classic British comedy about an all-female firm of taxi drivers, and you get the idea behind this new S tcom.
Lennox, 55, will rub shoulders with Mariah Carey, teen s i tcom iCa r ly star Miranda Cosgrove and host Ellen DeGeneres at TNT's Christmas In Washington event on December 17.
In the most recent issue of the UHMS journal (Jan/Feb 2009;36(1 ):43), there is a document worth reading on the topic of transcutaneous oxygen testing (TCOM) titled "Transcutaneous Oximetry in Clinical Practice: Consensus statements from an expert panel based on evidence." It is the proceedings from a workshop that took place on June 13, 2007 called "Transcutaneous Oximetry: art, science, and practice."
The sample consists of 116 outpatient (nonmethadone) substance abuse treatment programs participating in a NIDA-funded research project entitled "Treatment Costs and Organizational Monitoring" (TCOM; see Broome et al.
Los cinco mercados globales de futuros (NYSE, LME, CBOT, TCOM e IPE), se localizan en Nueva York, Londres, Chicago y Tokio y concentran el 76% de las transacciones de estos 73 commodities a futuro comercializados globalmente.
(BULLETIN BOARD: TCOM), Hong Kong, the Total Solutions Provider, has announced that its subsidiaries, IC Star MMS Limited and Guangzhou TCOM Computer Tech Limited (GTCT), have jointly released a new online performing education college called ( ).