TCOSThe Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter)
TCOSThe Chronicles of Spellborn (game)
TCOSTechnical Committee on Operating Systems
TCOSThin Client Operating System
TCOSTelesec Chipcard Operating System
TCOSTotal Coronary Obstructive Syndrome
TCOSTactical Combat Operations System
TCOSTraction Control Override Switch
TCOSThe Caves of Steel (novel)
TCOSTraveling Class Of Service
TCOSTeam Communication and Organization System
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To meet industrial requirements, TCOs need to be both optically highly transparent and electrically highly conducting.
that their use by Transnational Criminal Organizations (TCOs) will
Mexico has strengthened its institutional capacity to confront TCOs. The Secretariat of Public Security has restructured and tripled the size of its Federal Police, from 11,000 officers in 2006 to nearly 40,000 by the end of 2012.
There is significant debate within the law enforcement, intelligence, and development communities over the true nature of the ties between local gangs and larger TCOs. The recent truce between El Salvador's two main gangs, Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) and Calle 18, brokered by government-sanctioned intermediaries, has brought heightened attention to the phenomenon of Central American gangs, their relationship with TCOs, and the role they are beginning to play in national and local politics.
"Given the history and resources of this violent TCO, the U.S.
A companion report on the TCOs said the "fluid nature" of such groups, which often rely on shell corporations, offshore bank accounts, and bases in countries with lax law enforcement, makes combating them "increasingly difficult."
To combat TCOs, criminals, terrorists, and their quasi-legal facilitators need to be confronted by an integrated law enforcement, intelligence, and military effort as part of a "whole-of-government" approach.
Type of operation Forest Private Operation name concession property TCO Area (ha) CIMAL/IMR LTDA X 154,494 Empresa Agroindustrial La Chonta LTDA X 220,000 INPA PARKET LTDA X 30,019 Aserradero San Martin SRL X 119,200 CIMAL/IMR LTDA X 181,750 Industria Maderera Pando Imapa S.A.
Today, the most common financial tool that authoritarian states, TCOs, terrorist groups, and other nexus actors use to circumvent US authorities and funnel the money needed for their destabilizing actions is the anonymous shell company.
By this he means that, as international efforts to curb traditional forms of transnational crimes increase, transnational criminal organisations (TCOs) not only expand their geographic sphere by using all the possibilities of today's globalised world, but also constantly diversify and extend their spheres to include new forms of transnational criminal activities.