TCOVTool Coverage (cost model factor)
TCOVThe Congregation of Vapors (band)
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The issues of TCOV, NCON and network lifetime are the main consideration in mobile sensor network.
By applying the algorithm, while sending data from the sensor node to sink node increases the computation speed of transmission and efficiently solve the TCOV and NCON problem.
For dynamically increasing the TCOV and network lifetime, newer mechanism like Sink Trail can be used in mobile sensor network.
We identified an avian gammacoronavirus related to TCoVs in fulminating disease of guinea fowl.
Since AREA was not statistically correlated with TCOV (r = 0.27, n = 21, P = 0.220), a multiple linear regression of LEQN was performed on these two variables as quantitative predictors.
LEQN (dBA)= 73.46 - 0.0998XAREA (ba) - 0.0011x TCOV ([m.sup.2] canopy/ha) (1)
1 ([R.sup.2]= 46.84%) was clearly higher than that previously obtained with only one parameter (AREA, [R.sup.2] = 21.96%; TCOV, [R.sup.2] = 18.91%).
Cover used in the curve number runoff sub-model (tcov) is calculated from biomass, with separate calculations for standing dry matter and litter, which are then combined to give total cover using an equation to account for standing cover overlaying litter cover (Yee Yet 1994).
(5) C[N.sub.2] = 97 - [(40/0.53) x MIN (0.53, tcov)]
where tcov is the total projected cover (standing plus litter) and C[N.sub.2(bare)] = 97, CN_red = 40, and cov2 = 0.53 (covers as fraction 0-1).