TCPEToledo Chemistry Placement Exam (American Chemical Society)
TCPETennessee Center for Performance Excellence (Nashville, TN)
TCPEtélécommunication et contrôle de procédés d’exploitation
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TCPE [19] Uses a cross-layer -- -- approach to serve delay- tolerant applications and to adjust the congestion window by considering spectrum sensing and bandwidth variations.
|BSIZE.sub.-2~, |TSIZE.sub.-41~ = Aggregate market value of bidder and target common stock, measured one day preceding the beginning of the cumulation periods for computing BCPE and TCPE, respectively.
Exhibits 2 and 3 contain summary statistics for acquisition announcement period abnormal returns to bidders and targets (BCPE and TCPE, respectively), segmented by target management response.
In this section, a regression model is presented in which the dependent variable of interest (BCPE or TCPE) is compared across target management response (hostile, white knight, friendly non-white knight) holding constant the method of acquisition (merger versus tender offer) and the acquisition payment method (100% cash, 100% common stock, mixed cash-plus-stock).(12) Bids involving payment methods other than 100% cash, 100% common stock or mixed cash-plus-stock (e.g., debt securities, combinations of cash or equity with debt) were eliminated from the regression tests in order to effectively control for payment method.
TCPE = ||Alpha~.sub.0~ + ||Alpha~.sub.1~WK + ||Alpha~.sub.2~HOST + ||Alpha~.sub.3~CASH + ||Alpha~.sub.4~MIX + ||Alpha~.sub.5~MULT + ||Alpha~.sub.6~TNDOFR, (11)
Addition of TNDOFR to the model does not alter the conclusion from Regression (2) that white knight effects on TCPE are due to bidder competition.
When white knights are deleted from the sample, a single-/multiple-bidder effect on TCPE persists (results not reported).
20 Sources of heteroskedasticity affecting SYNERGY include factors affecting the variance of TCPE and BCPE: the number of days over which prediction errors are cumulated for each target and bidder, and the estimation period residual standard error of each target and bidder.