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TCPFT Cell Precursor Frequency
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In Silico Modeling of TcpF. In a database search of bacterial genomes using conserved domain database (CDD) on NCBI, we identified a gene encoding for a TIR domain containing protein in the genome of E.faecalis strain Symbioflor 1 (Gene ID: EFSL1683).
Screening of E.faecalis Strains for tcpF. A total of 110 urine isolates of patients with clinically diagnosed UTI and 31 faecal flora E.
Genetic Analysis of tcpF. We further examined the genetic stability of tcpF among urine isolates by sequencing the target gene and the neighboring regions.
The sequencing revealed a 57end insertion followed by the open reading frame of tcpF. The search in the genome of E.
In order to compare tcpF's genetic variation to other bacterial tcps we screened 100 E.
Functional Analysis of TcpF. In order to analyze the function of TcpF during infection, we created a tcpF deletion mutant of the model strain E.
In a screening of UTI and stool isolates, we found that the TIR containing gene, tcpF, is less frequent in commensal E.
However, in the 825 bp long sequence of tcpF we detected point mutations in 20 positions and 4 of them resulted in subsequent amino acid changes.
Using the mouse macrophage line RAW264.7 to investigate the effect of TcpF on host immune cells, we found that infection with the tcpF deletion mutant of E.
On account of the higher frequency of polymorphisms detected in the tcpF ORF, this gene's acquisition appears to be a relatively recent event for the genome of E.