TCPHTarrant County Public Health (Fort Worth, TX)
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As the investigation continued, additional potential cases were also identified through activation of the existing local public health laboratory notifiable disease systems and the increased self-reporting that resulted from a TCPH press conference.
TCPH inspectors found no cross connections between the water supply line serving the lake and the restrooms.
The lake was hyperchlorinated to inactivate Cryptosporidium on July 24 by the owner under the supervision of TCPH environmental health officials.
The report of a small cluster of cryptosporidiosis cases to TCPH by the proverbial "astute clinician" helped identify an outbreak that was linked to a man-made chlorinated lake.
Phosphorylated LuxO, via an indirect mechanism that involves degradation of the hapR mRNA encoding the HapR protein, increases the concentration of the positive regulator AphA, and the presence of this positive regulator leads to expression of other positive regulators TcpP and TcpH that activate expression of ToxT (Fig.
TcpH influences virulence gene expression in Vibrio cholerae by inhibiting degradation of the transcription activator TcpP.