TCPSTcp for Ssl
TCPSTri-Council Policy Statement (research ethics policy; Canada)
TCPSTexas Center for Policy Studies (est. 1985)
TCPSTissue Culture Polystyrene
TCPSTalbot County Public Schools (Maryland)
TCPSTexas Commission on Private Security (Austin, TX)
TCPSTransportable Collective Protection Shelter
TCPSTelemetry and Command Processing System
TCPSTotal Cash Plus Sustaining CAPEX (Capital Expenditure)
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He noted that the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) had been organising Telecoms Consumer Parliament (TCP) meetings so that network providers interface with consumers.
Compare this with the US - 36 TCPs, Canada 25, China 23 and Russia with just nine.
Abdullah was brought to the TCPS after he was reportedly found by a concerned citizen roaming around Osmena St.
Other models used registered nurses (PONI) and child psychiatric nurse practitioners (TCPS).
The platoon benefited from the number of hours spent out on the route, TCPs, overwatch of named areas of interest, and 24-hour observation of towns with known IED facilities.
The five TCPS performance areas were designed to be customer oriented, namely focused on those who used the courts, not those who run them.
We were able to show that upon treatment with PE or ISO the cells on keratin coated TCPS showed increased ANP release.
With the objective of enabling short flows to finish faster, it also starts with a higher congestion window of 10 segments as done in the newer Linux TCPs. In the Slow-start phase, FLD_TCP is more aggressive than traditional TCP.
Impact of the location for a TCPS is highlighted in the damping torque contribution.
We cultured human ECs on four different surfaces, tissue culture polystyrene (TCPS), untreated polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), gelatin-coated PDMS and SLIPS-treated PDMS, and conducted an MTS assays at 48 hours.
Reduced visibility resulting from the dust and narrow routes created a hazard for other vehicles and Soldiers on the ground, especially dismounted military police at the TCPs. Safely enforcing speed was critical to the safety of the military police and engineers.
The litigation, however, does fit within the evolutionary spectrum with regard to relationship between tribes and the Forest Service as far as managing the forests in a manner more sensitive to cultural concerns and considerations (particularly TCPs and cultural landscapes more generally).