TCQTerminal de Contenedores Quetzal (Spanish: Quetzal Container Terminal; Guatemala)
TCQTriggered Call Queue
TCQTagged Command Queuing
TCQTime, Cost, Quality
TCQTribe Called Quest (band)
TCQTechnical Communication Quarterly
TCQTraining of Consumers on Quality
TCQTag Command Queuing (multi-user based server hard drives)
TCQTrellis-Coded Quantization
TCQThe Carlos Quentin (White Sox player)
TCQTotal Cost of Quality
TCQTraining Carrier Qualifications
TCQTransmission Control Queue
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Tango Club Qatar (TCQ) is bringing its sixth Tango Festival Doha for those who enjoy the dance form.
Once the project has received various approvals, it is expected the power project will be sponsored by CDC and Abu Dhabi energy company, TCQ Power Limited.
Abbreviations: CBT = cognitive behavioral therapy, CET = Coping Effectiveness Training, PTM = Progressive Tinnitus Management, RCT = randomized controlled trial, TCQ = Tinnitus Coping Questionnaire, TCSQ = Tinnitus Coping Strategy Questionnaire, TCT = Tinnitus Coping Training, TFI = Tinnitus Functional Index, TRQ = Tinnitus Reaction Questionnaire, TRT = Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs.
To cover for the potential attrition rate of 25% [15], a total of 206 subjects were recruited and randomly assigned to one of the three groups, namely, Tai Chi Qigong (TCQ) group (n = 70), exercise group (n = 69), and control group (n = 67).
The Difficulty Controlling Intrusive Thoughts Scale (DCITS) (Field et al, 2009) was adapted from the Thought Control Questionnaire (TCQ) (Wells & Davies 1994).
As mais utilizadas sao a ultrassonografia quantitativa (LAUER et al., 2009), a tomografia computadorizada quantitativa (TCQ) (CHALMERS et al., 2006, SAEED et al., 2009) e a absorciometria por dupla emissao de raios-X (DEXA) (QUARLES, 1992).
The 2nd annual Enterprise Risk Management MENA (Middle East North Africa) 2012 conference, presented by TCQ Triangle a global provider of workplace learning solutions, was part of the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc.'s initiative to expand its international profile, included keynote speeches and workshops by RIMS executives and corporate risk experts.
Finally, the AAQ was compared to other similar measures such as the White Bear Suppression Inventory (WBSI), the Thought Control Questionnaire (TCQ), and the Dissociative Experiences Scale (DES).
Affordable Excellent (a fraction of Poor {complex TCQ can on-premise pricing).
Dubai Outsource Zone, one of the first free zones dedicated to outsourcing in the UAE, was one of the main partners at the event that was organised by TCQ Triangle.
The TCQ (Wells & Davies, 1994) is a 30-item measure that assesses the attempt to control intrusive or unwanted thoughts through distraction, social control, worry, punishment, and re-appraisal.