TCRETranscervical Resection of the Endometrium
TCRETechnical Conservation, Research and Education (Scotland, UK)
TCRET-Cell Antigen Receptor Complex, Epsilon Subunit of T3
TCRETimer Counter Reset Enable
TCRETeam Contractor Real Estate Elite (certification)
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If only C[O.sub.2]-induced temperature response is considered to estimate climate warming (gray line in Figure 3(a), based on the 1PCT simulations, where atmospheric C[O.sub.2] concentration increases at a rate of 1% x [yr.sup.-1] using CMIP5 models), TCRE is lower, due to lack of the net warming from non-C[O.sub.2] forcings that are present in the RCP scenarios.
TCRE electrodes were thus produced using multilayer thick film serigraphic technology [23].
The rat was held by one researcher while another placed a TCRE with conductive paste (1 mm Ten20, Grass Technologies, West Warwick, RI) on the scalp centered on the top of the head behind the eyes and in front of the ears.
Una relacion entre los niveles de largo plazo de AEN estimados y el TCRE, por medio del enfoque de SE, se encuentra en Edison y Vitek (2009).
Table 1 Descriptive Statistics of Data for Estimation STATISTIC GDPN MMKT CMKT FOREX TCRE Mean 3749487.
Other reasons included heavy bleeding (39%), the development of fibroids (13%), perforation at the time of the primary TCRE (5%), and fluid deficit (5%), said Dr.
Other options being looked into by the Comelec, he said, is the use of the 23,000 optical mark reader (OMR) machines currently being bid out as well as former poll Commissioner Gus Lagman's proposed Transparent and Credible Election System (TCrES).
Maybe we're heading toward a return to manual elections, or to the one being suggested by some groups, like Gus Lagman's TCRES (Transparent and Credible Election System) or open system proposal, he said when asked about the implications of the ruling.