TCRPTexas Civil Rights Project
TCRPTraffic Congestion Relief Program
TCRPTransportation Congestion Relief Program (California)
TCRPTravis County Republican Party (Austin, TX)
TCRPTactical Command Readiness Program
TCRPTransit Cooperative Reseach Program
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A clinical study demonstrated that the long-term recurrence rate of TCRP under hysteroscope was 25%, which might be correlated to the levels of hormones.15,16 Thus to effectively reduce and prevent postoperative recurrence after TCRP, postoperative oral administration of drugs can be given to patients to prevent polyps regeneration.
Transit Cooperative Highway Research Program (TCRP), an applied contract research program sponsored by Transportation Research Board, develops some guidebooks and manuals for measuring user satisfaction (TRCP Report 47, 1999) and evaluating transit capacity and SQ (TRCP Report 165, 2013) in PT.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the corneal power and astigmatism distribution measured by three methods: simK, TNP, and TCRP, both before and after femtosecond laser small incision lenticule extraction (SMILE) surgery.
TCRP is suitable for the network environments where the geographical information of landmarks is public knowledge; that is, each node in the network is aware of where each landmark is and which key word each landmark is associated with (e.g., "reading").
A prominent achievement of this research is a set of guidelines for use in designing and locating bus stops, sponsored by TCRP in the United States [1].
2 Characteristics of the Site Feature Hillsborough Memphis Pittsburgh TCRP Number of 250 205 67 82 schools Enrollment 188,096 107,257 25,974 26,704 % free and 56% 87% 72% 82% reduced-price lunch % minority 57% 92% 63% 94% NOTE: Minority consists of black, Hispanic, Native American, or multiracial (Pittsburgh only).
These trip reports are then consolidated into a mission report for TCRP publication and dissemination to the transit industry.
This knowledge and notoriety enabled him to gain considerable long-term funding for the Transnational Corporations Research Project (TCRP), a research institute that he established and directed at the University of Sydney from 1975 until 1992.
(9) The work of Twila Brase of the Citizens' Council on Health Care (CCHC) and the Texas Civil Rights Project (TCRP) has been instrumental in bringing both media and judicial attention to the issues surrounding NMS programs in the United States and the associated legal/ethical positions related to the storage and secondary use of DBS.
In particular, a number of authors call for customized messaging (TCRP 2003; Buckeye and Munnich 2004; Munnich and Loveland 2005; Li 2007; Schuitema and Steg 2008), arguing that presentation matters to the acceptance of potentially divisive transport policy measures.