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Immatics' innovative TCR platform XCEPTORis enabling the fast and efficient discovery and qualification of a large number of high-affinity and high-specificity T-cell receptors that can be used in T-cell engineering for Adoptive Cell Therapies.
The idea is using micro-molecule drugs to activate cytotoxic T-cells through TCRs and then further training these T-cells to attack malignant cells to cure cancer.
TScan designs therapies that reprogram a patient's own T cells to recognize and fight their cancer using naturally occurring TCRs that recognize shared cancer targets.
Although no patients have yet received these TCRs, the engineered T cells efficiently and specifically killed target cells in laboratory tests.
Pierce's group recently developed, and made publicly available to the scientific community, a web server calledTCRmodel, which creates high-resolution models of TCR structures from protein sequences entered by users.
According to the 2016 report by TCRS "Perspectives on Retirement: Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials," 41% of Gen Xers say they have only "somewhat recovered" from the recession, while 14% have not yet recovered, and 8% believe recovery will never happen.
"Today's women are better educated and enjoy career opportunities that our grandmothers' generation could only dream about," says Catherine Collinson, president of TCRS. "Nevertheless, women continue to encounter challenges including lower pay, time out of the workforce for parenting or caregiving, and longer life expectancies that all contribute to unique challenges in adequately saving for retirement."
TCRS and ACLR surveyed 1,600 self-employed workers from 15 countries for the report.
"Gen Xers have really kind of been on their own to do it themselves," says Catherine Collinson, president of Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies (TCRS).
Genetically modified, patient-derived, T-cells bearing chimeric antigen receptors (i.e., CARs) or neoantigen-specific T-cell receptors (i.e., TCRs) can be generated as therapeutic cellular products with a high level of tumor specificity.
TCRS released in mid-December the results of its 17th annual retirement study, asking workers about their retirement outlook.
This new plan has been separated as a distinct agent plan within the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS), which provides pension benefits for state employees, teachers, and political subdivision employees.