TCRVT-Cell Receptor Variable
TCRVTwo-Chambered Right Ventricle (cardiology)
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Arenavirus AV B1030026 was included in group B with Amapari virus (AMAV), Cupixi virus (CPXV), TCRV, and the 5 viruses from South America known to cause hemorrhagic fever in humans.
Nonidentity between the GPC amino acid sequences of AV B1030026 and TCRV was greater than the nonidentity between the GPC amino acid sequences of CHPV and SABV (Table), among the GPC amino acid sequences of the 5 viruses in group A (range 15.8%-23.7%), and between the GPC amino acid sequences of Latino virus (LATV) and Oliveros virus (20.6%).
The Tacaribe (New World) complex includes Whitewater Arroyo virus (WWAV), Tamiami (TAMV), Allpahuayo (ALLV), Flexal (FLEV), Parana (PARV), Pichinde (PICV), Pirital (PIRV), Amapari (AMAV), Guanarito (GTOV), Junin (JUNV), Machupo (MACV), Sabia (SABV), Tacaribe (TCRV), Oliveros (OLVV), and Latino (LATV) viruses.
When compared with other arenaviruses, the 616-nt NP gene fragment of isolate A0070039 exhibited the highest nucleotide sequence identity and predicted amino acid sequence identity with (in decreasing order) the NP gene of WWAV prototype strain AV 9310135 (72.7% and 82.9%, respectively), TAMV (72.6% and 76.6%, respectively), the 13 South American arenaviruses (ALLV, AMAV, FLEV, GTOV, JUNV, LATV, MACV, OLVV, PARV, PICV, PIRV, SABV, and TCRV: 55.5%-63.5% and 47.8%-62.0%, respectively), and LCMV and LASV viruses (51.5%-51.9% and 42.7%-43.4%, respectively).