TCSAMTexas Center for Superconductivity and Advanced Materials
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The University of Houston (UH) recently reported that researchers at UH's Texas Center for Superconductivity and Advanced Materials (TcSAM) are currently "refining" their work on thin-film solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs).
"By using materials science concepts developed in our superconductivity research and materials processing concepts in our semiconductor research, we are able to reduce operating temperatures, eliminate steps and use less expensive materials that will potentially revolutionize from where we derive electrical energy," said TcSAM director Alex Ignatiev.
"For instance, once the preliminary data satisfies the Department of Defense, we could see our fuel cell research in action in the backpacks of soldiers, replacing heavy batteries to power their computers and night vision goggles and such," said Ignatiev, noting that he anticipates TcSAM's new fuel cells will advance to the testing phase within the next six months.