TCSCTwo Channel Standardized Codec
TCSCTechnical Community for Services Computing
TCSCTechnical Committee on Scalable Computing
TCSCTechnical Committee on Scalable Computing (IEEE)
TCSCThyristor Controlled Series Compensator
TCSCThin Client Server Computing
TCSCToddler Car Seat Cover (various companies)
TCSCTreasure Coast Sports Commission
TCSCTransition Command and Staff Course
TCSCTest Control and Status Circuitry
TCSCTechnical Committee on Soil Conservation
TCSCTwo-Channel Standardized CODEC
TCSCTrue Coincidence Summing Corrections (spectrometry)
TCSCTewkesbury Cruising and Sailing Club (UK)
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Series controllers such as Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC), Thyristor Controlled Phase Angle Regulators (TCPAR or TCPST), and Static Synchronous Series Compensator (SsSc).
In [24], optimal location of TCSC is determined via PSO whose objective is to maximize small-signal stability.
Two FACTS devices, TCSC and SVC, are modeled as variable reactance.
It is well documented that damaged tissues upregulate the expression of several chemoattractants of TCSC (10,11).
Duperval to form a shell company, Telecom Consulting Service Corporation (TCSC), through which Esquenazi ultimately would make side payments to Mr.
"MATLAB/SIMULINK Based Model of Single-Machine Infinite-Bus with TCSC for Stability Studies and Tuning Employing GA", International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering 1:5.
926 2 5 3 RE/MAX Alliance 796 2 6 6 OtterBox 750 4 7 7 Mile Hi Corporate Services 551 4 LLC 8 TCSC dba Smoker 500 10 Friendly/Gasamat 8 11 Johnson Storage & Moving 500 5 Co.
The compensation level of FSC is 30%, the reactance of FSC [X.sub.FSC] = 33.43 [OMEGA], and the compensation level of TCSC is 15%, the reactance of TCSC [X.sub.TCSC] = 16.71 [OMEGA].
Many leading universities have recently offered cloud-related formal subjects (TCSC website, 2010).
Town Centre Securities Plc (LSE: TCSC), a Leeds-based property investment and development company, has said that it has completed the refinancing of GBP65m of its banking facilities with Handelsbanken and Royal Bank of Scotland (LSE: RBS) (NYSE: RBS-PP)
A study of TCSC controller design for power system stability improvement.