TCSRTemperature-Compensated Self-Refresh
TCSRTerminated Cross-Shaped Resonator (electrical engineering)
TCSRTimer Control Status Register
TCSRTransdisciplinary Case Study Research (Institute for Human-Environment Systems; Switzerland)
TCSRTwin Cities Special Risk (Minnesota)
TCSRTotal Customer Service Representative (insurance)
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Technical CSR (TCSR) is linked with primary stakeholders that include employee relations, product quality, diversity and governance.
Mrs Innes said: "The sums involved were pounds 667 for routine expenditure on the planning application, pounds 5,929 for non-routine expenditure on this planning application, pounds 50,000, the county council's estimates of cost in staff time and pounds 7,950 payment from TCSR to cover the costs of processing the application.
As applicants, TCSR was expected to be there and would have faced two hours of of debate and presentations.
She said: "The new year appears to have brought no change in TCSR's intentions, and Warwickshire County Council assures me the Development Control Forum will go ahead unless the planning application is withdrawn by TCSR.
FEBRUARY: Plan application by TCSR to treat up to 120,000 tonnes of waste materials at Judkins site, bringing 20 lorry loads a day.
She said: "I applaud WRG for once again looking into its decision to allow TCSR to use their site as location for the hazardous waste plant.
Alan Farnell, the Nuneaton-based leader of Warwickshire County Council, said he was aware of WRG's decision to review whether to allow TCSR on to the site with its plans for a soil treatment plant.
In June, councillors voted to grant permission to company TCSR to create the soil decontamination plant - the first of its kind in the country - at the Tuttle Hill quarry.
The MP had talks with Andy Wheatley, the director of TCSR, the company which wants to use Judkins Quarry, at Tuttle Hill, to process contaminated soil - which has prompted a 6,000-name petition from worried townsfolk.
That prompted claims from TCSR - the company behind the proposals - and council leader Alan Farnell, that many of the objections were based on misinformation.
ANDY Wheatley, a director of TCSR, the company behind the planning application, said he believes there will be no justifiable grounds for a review.
Andy Wheatley, a director of the company, TCSR, toured Nuneaton yesterday to try to put the record straight.